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     Air Freight

     Our computer network monitors every shipment from pick-up through delivery, providing you with the
     vital information you need. The reasons we can assure you hassle-free service are obvious:
     *  Customized logistic solutions for just-in-time delivery to control your product flow.
     *  No restrictions of Commodity, Weight or Size. (subject to maximum loadable limits of the aircraft).
     *  Have fixed space allotments on various airlines ensuring priority handling and confirmed uplift on
        booked flights.
     *  Choice of numerous airline flights worldwide, with unlimited options of pick-up/delivery
     *  Consolidation Service for Export as well as Import shipments, according to your requirements.
     *  Thorough knowledge of import and export procedures and practices, including customs clearance
        of shipments, regulations, licenses, documentation and payment practices.

     Ocean Freight

     We are covering the market with great speed. The experience we have gained over the years puts us
     in a position to better understand your needs and work with you to meet your exclusive requirements.
     Some of the advantages we offer:
     *  Service throughout all major cities of India as well as in North/South/Central America, Middle East,
        Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe etc for LCL (less-than-container load) as well as FCL
        (full container load) traffic.
     *  Frequent, direct sailings available from all major ports from/to India all major ports around the
     *  An exclusive arrangement of trans-continental and inter-modal carriers and delivery operations
         allowing us to provide a tailored, timely, service anywhere within or outside India.
     *  Company owned and operated trucking operations.
     *  Project Management through our Logistics Division.
     *  Specialized handling arrangements for oversized merchandise.


     *  AIRBORNE has its own warehousing facilities.
     *  Offices located close to the airports with hi-tech sophisticated handling equipments for taking
         appropriate care of your cargo.
     *  Latest infrastructure specifically for perishables.
     *  Scientific methods of racking implemented by skilled labour.
     *  All warehouses fully insured ensuring zero liability to end clients.


     *  A personal fleet of well-covered trucks protecting valuable cargo from external hazards.
     *  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week, all 365 days of the year at all online/offline
     *  All vehicles fully insured guaranteeing no liability to exporters.
     *  Skilled labour and high quality infrastructure, all possible measures ensure safe handling of cargo.

     Import Consol

     AIRBORNE has tied up with various cargo agents and key alliances to further develop its
     global presence in exports / imports, thus making its presence felt on the global circuit.

     You can count on us for your valuable international freight transport. All shipments from and to
     Europe, Mediterranean as well as Scandinavia, USA and the Far East are organized via first class
     service by our professional team. We manage all types of cargoes, e.g. containerization, bulky
     oversize and heavy cargo efficiently through our close contacts and long-term relationships with the
     major carriers.
     AIRBORNE is looking to form new strategic alliances with agents, etc. to further spread its
     wings and cater to a larger international audience.


     Import Clearance

     Our extensive knowledge of the industry ensures your cargo is cleared without delay. We are closely
     associated with a network of worldwide agents that can provide a similar service in most ports of

     We guarantee clearance of import cargo from customs in 2 working days of the actual arrival of the
     cargo, subject to proper documentation/pre-filing with customs.
     We also take care of:
     *  Government department approvals for import and clearance of goods.
     *  Arranging all of the necessary documentation to comply with the import requirements.
     *  Removing or reducing the burden of duties and taxes in some instances.
     *  Advise on how to legally structure your imports to minimize hardships.
     *  If required, we can co-ordinate the movement of your shipment to site.